Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently looking for volunteers to monitor outdoor visits. Please contact Claire at 507-572-6186 for more information!

How to Become a Volunteer

Contact our Director of Activities at 507-583-4434. Please share your interests you have in volunteering. Your interests will be matched with the many opportunities we have available.

Volunteer Positions Available

Bingo Assistant

Adult or Youth needed each week to assist residents at their Bingo tables.

Personal Talents

Share your gifts and talents with the residents and staff. Come and share when this fits your schedule.

Van Trips

Assist residents getting in and out of the van. Assist activity staff on outings in the community. Could assist on medical appointments also.

Worship Service Help

Pushing residents to and from weekly services in the Chapel. Sit with resident during service as needed.

Reading & Writing Letters

Individual one on one with a resident, helping them write a letter or read an article for them.

Adoption Program

Commit to at least 2-3 times a month to come in and spend time with a resident.