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Providing Compassionate Care in a Small-Town Setting

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As much as you would like to, you can't always give your loved ones the care they need. Fortunately, Prairie Manor, Inc offers assisted living services in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. Incorporated on 6/20/1966, our staff has the knowledge and experience needed to make your loved ones feel welcome and cared for. We provide round-the-clock care for each of our residents. Our staff will make sure your loved one has everything they need while staying at our facility.

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We offer comprehensive care for all of our residents

We own two facilities, each connected by a hallway. Heather Haus is our assisted living facility with 20 beds, and the care center is our skilled nursing facility with 40 beds. We handle all aspects of elder care at our nursing home, including:

Personal Care
Bathing | Dressing | Feeding
Administration | Monitoring
Fairs | Malls | Movies | Food

We also provide in-house rehab, doctor and therapy services. Our residents participate in a variety of activities here, too.

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Prairie Manor was incorporated in 1966. We're a nonprofit, church-affiliated assisted living center. While we're governed by local churches, we're independently owned. We strive to be a model elder care facility for the Blooming Prairie area and surrounding communities. You can feel comfortable leaving your loved one with us because:

  • We allow 24-hour guests visits.
  • We're Medicaid- and Medicare-certified.
  • We accept private insurance and out-of-pocket payments.
  • We provide 24-hour nursing care services.
  • We offer flexible long-term living arrangements.

Whether your family member needs to stay here for a few days or a few years, you can rest assured they'll receive the care they deserve. Email one of our residents today to see what they love about our facility.


We Provide Inpatient & Outpatient Therapy
in Blooming Prairie, MN

Rehab while you have an inpatient transitional stay with us

Catering to the elderly our inpatient rehab can heal your ailments. Prairie Manor Care Center provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy in house. Our team of therapists can treat a variety of things from falls and muscle weakness, to cognition and swallowing issues.

Rehab is part of our on-site services, so schedule a tour today to check out our facility in Blooming Prairie, MN by calling 507-583-4434.

Your loved ones will regain strength with outpatient therapy

Despite age or illness recovering after a hospitalization or injury is a difficult journey. Let specialized therapists work directly with your loved ones to help them recover. As part of outpatient therapy, your loved one has access to:

These services will make the transition back to your regular life feel seamless. Whether a sports injury or a major accident we can help you return to your previous function. Appointments for outpatient therapy are available to the whole community.

Does your loved one need inpatient or outpatient therapy in Blooming Prairie, MN? Call 507-583-4434 today to see if we can help.